Intercity terms of use

Operator terms & conditions

These Operator Terms & Conditions ("Terms") constitute a binding agreement governing the provision of transport and/or logistics services by individual or business entities ("Operators") on the IntercityNG platform. By offering services on the platform, Operators expressly acknowledge and agree to comply with the following Terms.

1. Definitions

1.1 In this document, an "Operator" refers to any individual or business entity engaging in the provision of transport and/or logistics services on the IntercityNG platform.

    2. Compliance with IntercityNG Terms

    2.1 Operators unequivocally commit to strict adherence to the terms and conditions set forth by IntercityNG, acknowledging that these conditions are integral to the relationship established with the platform.

      3. Service Quality

      3.1 Operators shall uphold and deliver the highest quality and standard of services to customers, recognizing the importance of maintaining the integrity and reputation of the IntercityNG platform.

        4. Inventory and Pricing

        4.1 Operators bear exclusive responsibility for the accuracy and currency of their inventory listings and pricing information presented on the IntercityNG platform.

          4.2 In the event that a customer remits payment for a service at a rate that subsequently proves outdated, the Operator is bound to fulfill the service at the initially agreed-upon price, without imposing any additional charges on the customer.

            5. Settlements

            5.1 Operators acknowledge that settlements for services rendered will only be disbursed upon confirmation from the customer, affirming the satisfactory delivery of the service.

              6. Legal Requirements

              6.1 Operators undertake to fulfill and complete all legal requirements stipulated by IntercityNG, encompassing but not limited to regulatory compliance, licensing, and any other pertinent legal obligations.

                6.2 It is imperative that Operators possess all requisite licenses necessary for the legitimate provision of their services to customers on the IntercityNG platform.

                  7. Insurance

                  7.1 All vehicles employed by Operators to serve customers must maintain comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring the safeguarding of both passengers and cargo.

                    8. Financial Obligations

                    8.1 In instances of negative wallet balances on Operator accounts, immediate account suspension shall ensue, accompanied by a 0.5% daily interest accrual on the negative wallet balance until rectification.

                      8.2 A nominal fee of 1% will be applied to all withdrawal requests, reflecting the cost of processing and facilitating the financial transaction.

                        9. Withdrawal Delays

                        9.1 Operators acknowledge that IntercityNG assumes no liability for delays in the processing of withdrawal requests, with such delays being contingent upon various external factors

                          10. Platform Warranty

                          10.1 IntercityNG extends the platform to Operators "as is," with no guarantees on the level or continuity of service. Operators acknowledge the inherent risks associated with platform utilization.

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